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in all serious getting Luke to give me a helping hand with programming is the best thing I've done in a long time


After moving away from Bournemouth I wanted to continue training with Luke, so he suggested his online programme. This has helped me stay on track with my training whilst having guidance to build strength and improve my technique. Luke's continued support through online training has helped me develop my lifts and become a better Powerlifter. I can't thank Luke enough and would highly recommend his methods.



Luke has managed to work around my physical limitations, getting me to National Level Powerlifting Comps, before adding 25Kgs to my Bench Press in a matter of months and coaching me to 2nd place at the Brisitsh Bench Press Championships .

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Training under Luke has been amazing so far, my lifts have all gone up (current PB’s 120S/77.5B/162.5D), and I recently placed 3rd in the British Junior Powerlifting Championships. I would definitely recommend everybody giving powerlifting a go, for me the best part is knowing that what you look like doesn’t matter one bit. When you get on the platform, all anybody is concerned with is how much weight you can lift!

With video editing and communication being so easy now, Online Powerlifting Coaching is becoming more and more popular. But to be a good Online Coach you have to have lots of experience and expertise to be able to convey correct and relevant knowledge across the internet.


Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting your strength journey, a ‘template’ one method programme is only going to get you so far. It won’t take into account your specific current training experience, strengths and weaknesses, past medical history, time under the bar, recovery levels, and most importantly your technical abilities.

Luke Andrews has been training and coaching people for over 15 years, he has helped coach the GB Bench Press Team at the Arnold Classic 2016 and is part of the GB Powerlifting Coaching Staff. He has trained people to win National Championships (face to face and Online) and is excellent at helping explain technical aspects in simple and coherent ways to get you lifting the best you can!

Online Powerlifting plans are completely personalised to your goals and time frame. Whether you're training towards a competition or just looking to increase your strength base, a timeframe is important for accountability and goal setting. With a free consultation, regular video review sessions, continuous feedback after each week's sessions and a personalised plan, weekly or monthly, we will work together to ensure you achieve what is possible.


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Personalised & Tailored Programming

Rehab – Technical – Strength – Hypertrophic - Peak & Competition Programming

*Updated Weekly Programming to cater for your current needs, ability and goals

*Where possible

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*Regular Analysis (>2x Weekly) of Training Videos

Consistent Technical Advice and Programming Guidance

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Experienced Coach (Over 15yrs) of Strength and Powerlifting Athletes

Written, Voice and Video Feedback of Competition Lifts to hone technique

Coach to: 

3 x World Championship Lifters

(1 x Gold Bench Press)
4 x European Championship Lifters

(2 x Silver & 1 x Bronze)
9 x GB International Lifters
6 x British Champions
2 x British Record Holders
4 x Commonwealth Lifters

(1 x Gold, 2 x Silver & 1 x Bronze)
2 x All England Champions
15+ National Lifters