European Powerlifting Championships 2019 - Kaunas, Lithuania

The 2019 European Powerlifting Championships completed for Exclusive Titan’s British U47 Powerlifting Champion Danni Malcolm.

It was a truly magnificent performance by her, achieving Bronze Medals in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and due to this impressive all-round display, she achieved a superb, overall SILVER MEDAL with a Total of 335Kgs at a 46.8Kgs bodyweight.

Danni is a true example of what can be achieved through accurate and precise training and nutritional programming. Under the guidance of the Exclusive Titan Team Coaches, myself and Vicky Mirceta, Danni has gone from strength to strength by understanding where her weaknesses lay and setting out a protocol to improve them in the off-season.

Her nutritional and supplemental regime has been programmed by Vicky for the last 18 months and Danni in-turn has made weight easily, nourished her body from the inside out and recovered optimally.

I look after her training programme and technical execution of her lifts to ensure any possible lifting injuries are mitigated as best as possible and that her movement patterns are as efficient as possible. My job is to also ensure that her hard work and gains in the off-season is peaked properly so the performance that Danni is capable of is attained on the platform.

We are proud as punch of Danni’s performance at the 2019 European Powerlifting Championships, especially as we know how much hard work she has put in to display such a tremendous performance.


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