Powerlifting Champs - South West 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

An amazing day! Three new lifters dipping their toe into the Powerlifting Competition waters yesterday, Tracy Trew, Maddie Raluca Razoare and Georgina Webb , and in the words of Jim Bowen, "Didn't they do well!"

Tracy went 9 for 9. Accomplishing an 80 squat , 60 bench and 100 deadlift and securing qualification for the British Masters. Tracy has also had Vicky Mirceta helping her with her nutrition which made a huge difference to her energy levels on the day :)

Georgina got 8 for 9, achieving a 95kgs squat, 65kgs bench and a 110kgs deadlift, again securing British Masters qualification :) G also had been under the guidance of the 1 and only @Vicky Mirceta and has also lost circa 7kgs whilst her strength has been the best it has ever been :)

Maddie got 7 for 9, achieving an 85kgs squat, 62.5 bench and a huge 135kgs deadlift. Placing third 🥉 at her first comp too in a tough class (63kgs) deserves a massive congrats!

So all in all a fantastic day. I was super proud of these girls but even more importantly they were super proud of their performances too.

Follow our progress....

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