So proud...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

So proud....

Lynda @banksybb has done a fantastic job at the Masters European Powerlifting Championships today winning:

Silver in Squat Bronze in Bench  Gold in Deadlift  Silver Overall 

Such a brilliant person to Coach, a lifter who is so passionate and committed to the sport. 

Super super well done Lynda!!

Another proud Coaching moment…

3 years ago Lorraine Box approached me as she wanted to do some weight training to increase her strength and muscle mass a little too. We began with a 12 week block – working on technique mainly whilst addressing muscular imbalances. During this time her lean body mass increased by 1.3Kgs, her Squat increased by 15Kgs to 45Kgs, her Bench by 5Kgs to 37.5Kgs and her Deadlift by 10Kgs to 70Kgs. Yes, Lorraine’s Bench was better than her Squat at the time! 

As many of you will know these strength increases were mainly due to improvement of form and neurological adaption but visually Lorraine’s physique began to change too.

She got the bug.

She continued to train with me and last year decided to ramp up her potential by working with my superstar Nutritionist colleague and close friend Vicky Mirceta, and became an Exclusive Titan 😊 - where Vicky and I join forces re’ Powerlifting / strength programming and Nutrition.

Now 3 years on she is the British U52 Masters 2 Champion winning at the British Masters Powerlifting Championships in Belfast, October 2018.

Just two days ago Lozza represented her country again (previously World Karate Champion when representing GB) but this time in the sport of Powerlifting for the first time at the European Masters Championships 2019 – attaining the Overall Bronze Medal with an 82.5Kgs Squat, 47.5Kgs Bench (silver medal) and 117.5Kgs Deadlift.

A fantastic performance from a fantastic lifter / athlete and person.

Congrats buddy!

Follow our progress...

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