The Exclusive Titan Package – combined coaching for the most Optimal Approach to Powerlifting 


Tailored coaching is paramount to achieving the goals you set out to meet. A cookie cutter approach that lasts 6-8 weeks doesn’t work, manipulations cant be made, feedback can't be given consistently and more important than anything else…. You don’t LEARN what works for you and what doesn’t. 

This is where combined coaching comes into play with the ET Complete package. You have a weekly training plan set by your Powerlifting Coach Luke Andrews who has claimed many a victory personally as well as helping numerous powerlifters, from the beginner to the Elite, achieve Platform PB’s and International placings. Luke will personally over see your movement patterns giving detailed feedback where it is needed and make weekly tweaks to your training program based on your lifts and biomechanical feedbacks. 

Performance nutrition will be expertly designed and tailored to your specific needs, wants, likes and dislikes, religious beliefs and physiology by Sports Performance Nutritionist Vicky Mirceta, RGN who boasts accolades of Powerlifting herself taking home a Silver medal for England in the Commonwealth Bench press championships in 2019. An accomplished Natural bodybuilder with regional Titles and nutritionist to elite level athletes in Powerlifting, Strongman, Cross fit, Football, Rugby and bodybuilding alike ensuring that digestive distress is minimally experienced, performance enhanced through nutritional guidance and ergogenic aids and Informed Sports tested to avoid any fails in tested feds (WADA approved supplement advisor)